Muumaanantai Yacht Club
Nov 3,2003 at 12 am-9 pm

Olaf Knarvik (foto) Jon Skivenes (design)

MUU ry presents the Muumaanantai event again on Monday 3rd November 2003. Earlier the programs have varied from theatre to music, dance and performance art. This time the focus is on experimental electronic music.

The event is organized as a collabaration with Yacht Club, an independent recor label and a collective of four sound and visual artist: Antti Saario, Janne Särkelä, Ville Raitio and Mikael Vallgren-Neiberg.

Yacht Club will also be presenting their first album at the event, “Alkumeri vol 1”, which is a collabaration-cd by finnish electronic music composers who haven’t yet published their music.

Many of the artist featured on the album will also be performing at MUU gallery from 12 to 9pm.

The music will continue as an endless stream all day.

12am-5pm Sarana

5-6pm Mika Rintala & Co

6-7pm Komu, USO, Sakura

7-8pm Yacht Club Alkumeri vol 1 cd collection

8-8:30pm Jarkko Räsänen

8:30-9pm Tomplex