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Heroes are sublime, unselfish, righteous and mysterious. National heroes, mythic heroes, war heroes, sports heroes, historical notables, antiheroes. Superheroes with supernatural abilities.

But are they able to save the world from compulsive consumption, capitalism, climate change, environmental catastrophes, state dominance, war, famine, violation of human rights and inequality?

The works in the MUU gallery bring anarchistic rebellion into the art world in the form of classical plaster busts -with black masks over their eyes to conceal their identity. The theme is not on the object of rebellion, but the possibility, means and practices of challenge and resistance.

The masked busts are placed in the gallery so that they look through the windows at the passers-by in the street outside. Stepping into the gallery, the viewer unavoidably becomes part of the medley of heroes; there is no room left in the gallery to remain an outsider.

The plaster casts are copies of classical plaster busts used in art schools as models for drawing and modelling. In the case of plaster models, the purpose, story and identity of the original sculpture are eclipsed by the interests of anatomical drawing and classical style. However, the fact that the faces are masked also points to the questionable status of the original personages as historical heroes of mainstream Western culture.

Which sculptures are selected to be copied as plaster models, and why? Can any elements of a real identity remain in a story about a hero that has been passed down the centuries? Could it be that those who have an established position in history were actually anarchists in their own time, challengers of the established order?


The realisation of this exhibition is supported by the Arts Council of Finland.




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